Sonya Keenan

Sonya Keenan has over 20 years’ experience in senior management and marketing positions within government corporations, private companies and ASX listed corporations, including Mirvac, Lend Lease, APN News & Media, Golden Casket Corporation and Coles Myer.

Sonya has also owned, managed and sold a number of small businesses and some would say, what Sonya doesn’t know about business isn’t worth knowing.

She firmly believes to have a successful business in this new digital world, you need passion and an implementation plan! From passion comes authenticity and an ability to connect with consumers online and with a plan you can harness the power that the digital economy offers.

Sonya walks what she talks with her business partner Deborah Hutton in their joint venture flagship project Balance by Deborah Hutton. Through her work with Balance and her consulting firm Omnichannel Media Group, Sonya has helped dozens of small business find their voice online.

A word from Sonya…

Did you know there are 73 different digital marketing strategies you can use to build a bridge to your pot of gold (aka business success)?

Does your marketing efforts suffer from shiny object syndrome? Have you started a blog, started a podcast, started a webinar series, started facebook advertising? Are you working like a demon but none of it is converting to passive income?

I bet it’s because you’ve only half built your bridges. Here is more about this topic from Sonya Perpetual Traffic Podcast   Download Sonya’s Implementation 3×3 Grid Sample here

The video below from Ryan Deiss is one of my all-time favourites and spells out our philosophy for how we help businesses succeed.

At Omni -Channel Media Group, our coaching program, events and implementation support is all about helping you pick the right bridge and finish building it!

Check out this video and you will know why you need to come to our Digital Marketer Down Under Event.’s because our event is not about giving you more information, it’s about helping you and inspiring you to implement and finish building your bridge to your pot of gold.

Plus, Ryan Deiss is coming to speak to you in person!

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