5 things solopreneurs should be doing with digital marketing

Find out more about webpage copy that works

DigitalMarketer Down Under

10-11 August 2018

Learn from some of the best digital marketers in the world how to create websites and copy that converts.

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Learn more about Google

DigitalMarketer Down Under

10-11 August 2018

Learn more about Adwords and Google accounts from the experts at DigitalMarketer

  1. Get your Google on

Most businesses have usually registered for business listing, and their web developer might have created an analytics account for them but very rarely are the two connected or managed.

If someone has set it up for you, make sure they have given you administrator access.

The great thing about Google is you can set up a universal/single login for all its products.

If you’ve already got a Gmail address– you’re already half way there. Use this address to activate (if you’ve not already set it up, or if it is set up, ask your administrator to add this address as your admin) and manage your,

  • Business listing – you need a business listing to appear on google maps and searches. There are new features on a Business listing that also allow you to “post” content
  • Analytics – shows you who (number of users and regional locations) has been visiting your website, when and for how long and where they came from.
  • Search Console – connect search console to your SEO plugin to find broken links and also work on your site links
  • Tag manager – one code to manage them all! (Think Lord of the rings) GTM manages all the tracking codes on your site in “containers” so you don’t have to ask your developer to insert multiple codes into your site.
  • AdWords – manage your paid advertising to appear in search results, images on the Google display network (sites that allow Google to show ads) and ads on YouTube.

What not to do

Please don’t use multiple logins to different google products! It’s a waste of time and energy.

New Trend Tip

If you’re using AdWords. Use automated bidding on search campaigns for better results.  Advances in Google AI has made it almost impossible to beat the machine on bidding.[/vc_column_text]

  1. Automate

No one can keep up with the speed of the internet, so don’t leave your customers hanging, set up some automation sequences.

The most important first step is to create a “Welcome” sequence. Make new customers who contact you or sign-up for your newsletter list feel welcome with a series of emails that are designed to help them understand who you are, what you do and how you can help.

To take this to the next level, use a CRM automation like InfusionSoft as a VA to follow up for customer management, marketing, sales and support. To scale your business, you will need to systemise regular tasks and then automate via a CRM automation tool.

New trend tip

Messenger /quick chat is the new email. With social media, we now have multiple inboxes, and Facebook messenger is fast becoming the preference for a quick, instant chat.

Thanks to automation tool ManyChat, you can now add messenger to your website, automate replies, on-boarding and support. Find out how to use ManyChat to drive conversations and instant responses – attend the DigitalMarketer Down Under conference or check out their free video training.[/vc_column_text]

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How to automate your customer journey

DigitalMarketer Down Under

10-11 August 2018

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Learn about pixels

DigitalMarketer Down Under

10-11 August 2018

  1. Pixel it, track it, convert

Are you tracking your results? If you have any paid online advertising set up, you need to be tracking the conversions and the best way to do this is use a “pixel”.

Install your Facebook, LinkedIn, Many Chat and Google Analytics pixels on your page to track conversions, retarget visitors who came to your website and understand where your sales process is working and not working.

New Trend Tip

Google Tag Manager is the easy way to manage your tracking codes (pixels) for your website. Most web developers will set you up with analytics but the new trend is to install the code for your Google Tag Manager instead and add your analytics code to GTM instead. GTM also makes #3 on this list easy.

Find out more about Google Tag Manager here[/vc_column_text]

  1. Pick a tactic, pick a task – don’t try and do it all.

There are 73 different tactics you can use improve your digital presence and conversions, from lead magnets (something of value the customer downloads in exchange for email address) to podcasts, webinars and live product demos, competitions and video feeds.

Work out who your audience is, what they need most and build one sequence, one lead generation model and put money behind it to promote it.

It’s a bit like plate spinning – you wouldn’t start spinning another plate if the first one was wobbly. Get the first plate set up, spinning on the level with a greater return than the effort required to keep it spinning, before you try the next plate!

New Trend Tip

Check out the 3×3 Implementation Grid from Omnichannel Media Group and DigitalMarketer Down Under founder Sonya Keenan[/vc_column_text]

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Beat implementation paralysis

DigitalMarketer Down Under

10-11 August 2018

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